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I thank you for your wonderful time and effort and was surprised to have you go to all that effort for me. You are truly a good and generous person. I am looking forward to seeing you again for another session and bringing my husband as well. I would recommend you to anyone and everyone. —CR

I wanted to share with you my feelings after our first session. The next day, upon waking I felt clearer, my mind and spirit seemed to be sharper. Throughout the day my spirit was more perceptive and I was in a good mood all day. Last night I slept throughout the night without waking and awoke this morning feeling good. I am very excited for our next session and look forward to becoming healthier and balanced mind, body and spirit. Thank you is not enough to say how grateful our paths have crossed and you're a part of my new journey. —VP

I have been seeing Clayton for acupuncture for over a year now. I have been in treatment since 1984 with several different practitioners. I have made greater strides in my own personal development while with Clayton than in the previous years of treatment. I am heard and very well supported by her presence and treatment. As a fellow acupuncturist, I can say that Clayton’s knowledge of acupuncture is tremendous and her use of the skills of this treatment most beneficial. —N.T.

I've been receiving acupuncture from Clayton Spivey for nearly ten years. I can't imagine my life without her or acupuncture. I'm helped in so many ways. I think what I value most is that I'm treated as a whole person—body, mind, and spirit. She always meets me where I am. Clayton calls me to live life to the fullest, in tune with nature and the seasons. Her wisdom and caring have served my life immensely. She has helped me in so many ways. Clayton, her words, and her needles have seen me through spring allergies and sinus headaches, work-related stress, a broken wrist, a dysfunctional relationship, and the death of my father—and so much more. People ask me why I receive acupuncture and I tell them it is my health maintenance program. I love going in for a tune-up. A friend once told me it is like ironingacupuncture takes all the wrinkles out of life and leaves things smoother, crisper. Often I've attempted to tell Clayton how brilliant she is as a practitioner, and she always deflects the compliment. She then reminds me that in partnership we do good work together. I agree, and still believe that she is the best! —J.W.

My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant for quite some time. We had tried everything, including fertility treatments of Clomid and injections of Ovudril. After three months, after what felt like forever of trying to conceive, my husband and I decided to take a break from all of the "trying" which included ovulation strip tests, Fertile Focus saliva ovulation tests, temperature taking, charting, and everything in between. Finally, being in need of some mental relaxation and a break from the stress of trying to conceive, I started seeing Clayton Spivey at Acupuncture Works for treatment once a week. Before she even touched me with an acupuncture needle, she sat with me, talked with me, and really took the time to investigate our journey. She gave us so much to think about: everything from Chinese legends about fertility, to why it is so critical to relax and not seem "desperate" to conceive, as well as tips to just start doing things for myself and not put all of my focus on getting pregnant. Over the two months I was in treatment with Clayton, she served as not only my acupuncturist, but also as a friend, confidant, and almost a therapist of sorts, helping me to see the "bigger picture" of life. She performed acupuncture for fertility, but also for my whole well-being. After a July and August of feeling renewed and refreshed, and just enjoying making love with my husband instead of it becoming a "task in order to get pregnant," I realized that I didn't get my period in early September. I really didn't think anything of it at the time, but on September 12, 2012, I took a pregnancy test, and would you believe it, it was POSITIVE!!! I am now almost five months pregnant and expecting our daughter to join us in the physical world in May, 2013. I am so completely grateful to Clayton for not only helping me to get pregnant, but also for giving me a new view of my life and what I do with it, every day. —J.G.

I first started seeing Clayton right after I was diagnosed with cancer in the fall of 1994. Almost ten years later (and doing great), I can say, with enthusiasm, that she has been the single most significant practitioner in my ongoing healing, not just with my physical health, but in all areas of my life. She is a true healer in the best sense of the word. —M.S.

I was diagnosed with systemic lupus a little more than 15 years ago. For seven of those years I was on high doses of prednisone (between 40-60 mg a day). I even tried chemotherapy to help ease the pain from the severe arthritic pain manifested by lupus. After having read about Clayton and the benefits of acupuncture in The Maryland Lupus Foundation Newsletter and attending a presentation she gave at a lupus seminar I decided to give her a call. I have been a client of Clayton's for almost 8 years. Since that time I have not been on high doses of prednisone. I am able to maintain on 5-10 mg daily. I am often asked "Does acupuncture really help you?" My answer is always "I am a true believer in acupuncture. Yes, it helps" —G.S.

I just couldn't let this news wait until my next appointment: on Saturday morning, S asked me to marry hiim! He proposed while we were sitting in bed with the dog, drinking coffee, and listening to NPR—my favorite way to start the weekend. Oh, and I said yes… I wanted to thank you so very much for all of your encouragement and guidance. A year ago, I would not have believed this could be happening for me. You told me to have confidence in my instincts, that I would know when "it" was right. I took your advice and I couldn't be happier. Bursting with gratitude and excitement. —J.R.

The treatment room is a sacred place for us, a space that we can allow ourselves to be vulnerable, to share our most intimate thoughts andfeelings, to actively listen to what each other is saying. Each session is a time of learning, of stretching, and risking change for our own growth and the growth of our relationship. We have come to an understanding of how individual differences can bring strength to us as a couple when balance is achieved. We have come to know integration of mind and body functioning through Clayton’s teaching in each session. Whether it’s a cathartic session focused on the impact of grief over the loss of a loved one, or dealing with chronic physical issues, change for the good it subtle or profound. Clayton has come to know us well. She is able to see what each of us brings to treatment and how it affects the other. Treatment has been the bridge that facilitates communication and adds a new perspective to life issues. Clayton’s empathy, insight, humor and clinical expertise are true blessings in our lives. We are entering our 13th year of creating this life together. Treatment as a couple serves to enhance the quality and flow of this process. We continue to grow as individuals and as one. —D.C. and B.C.

Sherri Foster would like to thank Clayton Spivey for giving her some simple, yet eloquent advice: change your old story. I think I will. —S. Foster

I don't know if I ever told you, Clayton, so in case I didn't, I want you to know how wonderful an influence on me you are. Both during school and after I graduated and I wanted to teach, you demonstrated high integrity, critical thinking and excellence, while having a lot of fun doing it all! I deeply appreciate you taking me under your wing in theory class and modeling what it means to be an excellent teacher who imparts both compassion and clarity! Teaching has become integral to my happiness and I am so grateful for all the many lessons that still ring loud and clear in my mind when I'm in front of a group sharing what I know. Your spirit is with me often and I thank God for that. And for you. Many blessings to you and your beloved this day, and for all days. —T. Gigliotti

Clayton has made a real difference in my health, helping me deal initially with my pain prior to my hip replacement, through my recovery from the same, and since then keeping me healthy and balanced. I am much healthier, with better sleep and eating habits attuned to my persona, thanks to Clayton's guidance, deep wisdom and extensive knowledge of Chinese acupuncture. —S. Griffey

A few years ago, I returned to the U.S. from a 5-year study trip in England and Scotland. I was having strange neurological symptoms (buzzing in extremities, numbness in my face, feelings of cold on my scalp, etc) that no doctor overseas was willing to deal with. When I came home, I saw a neurologist, who had me undergo a battery of tests. His diagnosis was, "Take these nerve drugs...and we'll wait and see." I was devastated. I have never been a pill-taker, and I was so upset that I didn't have any answers. I decided to try alternative therapy, and I scheduled an appointment with Clayton Spivey after doing some research on local acupuncturists. Within three months, I had NO SYMPTOMS. Clayton saved my sanity, and I am ever so grateful. If you're looking for a caring practitioner, give Clayton and AcupunctureWorks a try. —S. Foster


Your acupuncture treatments have been incredible (your treatments helped me heal my ankle when nothing else worked) and your honest, yet compassionate advice helped calm me down or give me a swift kick in the pants, whichever one I needed the most! I also learned so much from you. You allowed me to observe one of your treatments when I was still in school. And as your patient, your clear presence in the treatment room, gentle needling, and use/explanation of the acupuncture points have taught me so much. Also, seeing you act as an advocate for others is inspiring. —Angela R

Edna is the most competent acupuncturist I have ever met. She is sensitive, supportive and extremely accurate. Her understanding and embodiment of the principles of Five Element acupuncture are superb. I highly recommend her as both a practitioner and educator. —P.W.

I have known Edna as a teacher of t'ai chi chuan, lecturer, acupuncturist, and colleague within the School of T'ai Chi. Edna brings knowledge, focus and a down to earth attitude into her work with others. —C.B.

She is the best!: Edna is wonderful and compassionate. She knows her stuff and makes you very comfortable with having pins stuck into you, even if you weren't quite sure you'd be okay with it. I achieved great healing of my energies and various ailments because of Edna. And yes, I can't wait to go back! —J. A.

I got to know Edna during many TendingShen continuing education events and through mutual friends. I greatly appreciate and applaud both her commitment to the success of future practitioners, and her approach to clinical practice and the wellbeing of her patients. —N.B.

Edna was one of my favorite teachers at Tai Sophia Institute (formerly Traditional Acupuncture Institute). Her patience, passion and deep understanding of Chinese medicine are a great example to all of her students. —C.S.

Professional Practitioner: Edna has been my acupuncturist for almost 15 years. I want my acupuncturist to be well informed, thorough and compassionate. Edna has fit the bill! Thank you! —D. Davies

For your wellbeing!: Since 1992, Edna's skill and warmth have helped me during normal times and periods of chronic illness. She listens to and treats the whole me with discernment. I go out more solid in body and spirit. —C.K.

Edna: You are the Bomb! Thank you so much for your cool and smooth, confident teaching. We've been lucky to get many good teachers this past year and you just upped the ante even more. You said today that you were getting to know us a bit more, but I"d say we too are getting to know you more too in realizing your wealth of experience and wisdom. You sharing it so willingly with us is such a great gift. All I can say is THANK YOU SO MUCH! —L.R.

Treatment helped a lot! I love you and your needles! —P. Jacobs

Edna is the best. She is thoughtful, thorough, and intuitive regarding my treatment. Always manages to sort through my chatting to get my chi flowing! All I can say is that I haven't taken any allergy medicine this season after one session this spring! Yay! —C. Flaim

Edna Brandt is a most caring and professional caregiver. Through her acupuncture therapy, my pain has been reduced significantly. I plan to continue my therapy with her until I can manage the rsidual pain. —J. Wilson

Edna Brandt is one of the finest educational instructors I've had the pleasure from which to learn. From the moment the class convenes, she commands attention and begins to build a learning environment; it is apparent she has given significant thought and preparation to the topic she is about to introduce and is clear and direct with her delivery of the subject material; she allows ample time for questions and answers and encourages engagement of the class...Because of Edna's presentation, this Friday I arrived in the treatment room with a new level of awareness and competency. Thank you! —A.L.

So glad I get to live on the planet at the same time as you! I deeply appreciate all your keen insights into life in general and this work and teaching in particular, as well as your keen wit. To me you radiate a beautiful vibration that's a wonderful mixture of disciplined excellence with impish delight. I just love it! You have been a great role model for me of dedication, discipline and clarity in the service of Life and the living, and I am grateful for all the support and kindness you have given me over the years. Even when you're not saying anything I can feel it. —T. Gigliotti

Edna is charming, clearly ready to encourage and find new ways to express a profound understanding and love of her practice. Inspirational and creative. —Acupuncture student

Edna is an extraordinarily gifted teacher. She demonstrated all of the best of the teaching in classes, a predetermined curriculum and well-thought out teaching, a sense of who was in charge, a strong desire for each of us to learn, and added audio-visual aids, handouts, flexibility, a good sense of humor. It made us feel well taught and appreciative of the care she took. —Acupuncture student


Sam is incredible. I went to her for my first ever acupuncture treatment--which I was very nervous about because I hate needles. Her calm and soothing demeanor put me at ease immediately. She walked me through what to expect and I could tell right away that that our time together was going to be so much more than her just putting needles in me. Sam takes time during every session to ask questions and really try to understand what is going on with me, physically and emotionally. She listens, she cares and the results of her treatments are proof of her excellent ability. My lower back pain has lessoned, my hair has stopped shedding as much as it was, and I've been able to ease the racing thoughts that happen when I'm stressed and overwhelmed. In a word--I feel better as a result of the treatments. It is evident that she loves what she does and is passionate about the well being of her clients. I am truly grateful for the well being that Sam has brought to me through her knowledge, compassion, and expertise with her acupuncture treatments. —B.K.

I originally sought out Acupuncture via Samantha because of her excitement about her work. I didn’t really have any idea what to expect from working with her and didn’t have a super specific goals except that in general, I wanted to feel better and be less stressed. Little did I know that our time together would become SO important in my life?

She began with small steps that I didn’t realize were going to lead to such impactful changes in my outlook and daily habits. Just the thoughtful conversation alone seemed to be doing wonders for me. But once we really got into different needle treatments, I began to feel my whole self change. Through every step of this process, Samantha has been filled with an excitement for her work, patience with me and emanates a peacefulness that is soothing to be with. Her bedside manner is full of ease and care.

I was somewhat skeptical of what Acupuncture could do for me, but through Samantha’s exemplary care, I am now a huge advocate of Acupuncture. It is not just about needles, and I feel Samantha practices that beautifully. —M.L.

When I first came to Sam I was very nervous about “the scary needles” and how my body would react to them. Sam assured me that it is normal to feel this way and put me at ease. Little did I know that these “scary needles” are just what I needed to take back control of my body. I have been suffering from migraines since I was a teenager and have tried everything to relieve the pain. Through my treatments with Sam, I learned that there were many reasons I need to listen to my body and take care of my body. I was able to relax a bit and focus on me and what I need rather than what everyone else needs. Acupuncture became a full body therapy and evoked some emotions that I had kept deep down in my body. With Sam’s kind words and gentle touch I was able to release those emotions and feel ok with that. I started feeling more confident and left a job that I hated for 7 years! I started to understand where my love relationship was headed and gained control of that. Although I still do get migraines, they do not occur as often and most of the time I know what the culprit was instead of the hopelessness I used to feel. Sam is such a kind, positive spirit who I would greatly recommend to anyone who is struggling with pain management, depressing and finding peace within themselves. I am very grateful for Sam and all of the positive changes I have made in my life since meeting her and hope to continue to evolve into this wonderful woman that I have discovered. —B.W.

I’ve been receiving acupuncture from Sam for nearly two years and have thoroughly enjoyed my experience. She is a warm, compassionate, healing presence. Her treatments are effective and tailored specifically to address my unique needs. She is incredibly knowledgeable and I feel more grounded and peaceful after each appointment. She is so thoughtful with the way she practices and I can’t say enough about how much I enjoy my acupuncture appointments. —K.H.

I came to Sam as a skeptical patient that was dealing with ailments both physically and mentally. She was able to reassure me and get me to discuss some very personal thoughts and issues I was dealing with by being so very empathetic and compassionate. I was truly able to open up to her because of this caring demeanor that she has, which helped us create an incredibly curative environment. This all happened before any needles were introduced so I knew that it would be a great experience. After each treatment, I get a feeling of calm and almost a hypersensitivity to the surrounding world, which leads to me noticing and seeing more of the beauty around me. Sam has been able to help with some pain that I was having and I’ll be relying on her to do the same in the future. She is always focused and relaxed with a calm aura / healing presence as she is using the needles, which puts me at ease about the whole process. —J.S.